2010 vol.2
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Studio System® is an expandable building system for creative professionals who needs easy, steady and reliable rigs for light, audio equipment, diorama backgrounds, cameras etc. All Teenage Engineering products are compatible with the system. From OP-1 to the upcoming Machina Bike.
This is our backbone for building future structural systems.

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The simple and fundamental idea behind the Studio System was to design a system that is flexible, expandable and with superior quality and strength. All parts have standard ISO mounting holes with dimensions M6, M4, M3 and M2.
All tubes have a diameter of 9mm and comes in a variaty of lengths.
Use the system to build structural rigs or flexible lightning for your studio work. Or to make custom design stands for shows, audio equipment etc. The System will expand in an organic way depending on our needs and your feedback.


When you buy Studio System 1 you get an open and modular system that will last for a lifetime. Every part mates neatly together with 1/100 mm precision. The Studio System 1 is easy to rebuild and modify for your specific purpose.

To the right is an example of how you can mount the included transformer directly to the D40 tube. And on the rearside of the Work Light you see the snap-on power connector the let’s you rewire the powercord and move the Work Light to a different position.

Check the PDF for a variaty of combinations you’ll be able to build from only one set of Studio System 1

  • Complete Studio System 1
    + Worklight
  • Part by part (mail us here for special orders)
  • Silent Electronics
  • DIN 912 / ISO 4762 Standard
  • M6 + M3 standard threads

Lights & Power

The four lights in our lightning line-up are specially designed for the Studio System. The first is Worklight with the purpose to be a general desktop/semi ambient light. The second is a smaller version named Rack Light and the third and fourth are the Studio Spot and Nano Spot. Two spots for point lightning objects. Nano spot is probably the worlds smallest halogen spot with it’s dimensions 40 x 15 x 15 mm.

All lights in the serie are based on the Osram Ministar lamp. Choosen for it’s size, lifetime and built-in reflector for reducing heat. Ministar is a halogen type of light that comes in brightness from 15 to 50 Watts.
For more information about Ministar:

Studio System Light Line-up

  • Work Light - Available now
  • Rack Ligth - TBA
  • Studio Spot - TBA
  • Nano Spot - Available now

Studio System Transformer Line-up

  • 230V/12V 20-75W - Available now
  • 110V/12V 20-75W - TBA

Individual Parts

To order indvidual parts mail us here and note Part Number and quantity.

Download the PDF with drawings and dimensions of all available parts.