2010 vol.2
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Introducing Oplab - Musical Experimental Board

The delicious Musical Experimental Board, seasoned with
endless connectivity. And a couple of sweet accessories on the side.
To stay or take away?


The Oplab Musical Experimental Board allows you to interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments. And finally it’s just plug and play. No more hassle with one box for MIDI and another for CV or a third for USB. Oplab has it all in one place. Just connect your cables, set the appropriate scenario and experience a perfect sync.
But there is more...

Oplab Musical Experimental Board

Tap or Kick?

We have worked hard to design
some nice accessories for you
to start lab with. Like the TS-1
sneaker with a special made
rubber side pocket for our
TS-1W wireless Gyro sensor.
Trig a kick drum or maybe
an invisible sustain


Instrumental junk.

One of the fundamental ideas behind Oplab is to let you connect things, toys or junk that you already have around you and to make it interact with your electronic musical instruments. Grab a broken hard drive, rip it apart, connect and use it as a scratchpad. A simple one is to just connect a mouse. Eureka! The mouse is now a pitch bender.

Hard Disk

Lights, Please.

With 2 x 12 bit switchable Digital in- and outputs you can interconnect more than just synthersizers. How about lights, LEDs, buzzers, motors or sensors? All in sync with your music or controlled by MIDI data from your sequencer.

Light Bulb

From drumpad to ipad.

Oplab has two standard USB host ports and one mini USB device port. So, any mobile device or computer that sends MIDI over USB or can output a audio trig click sound will work as a controller or slave via your Oplab.

Easy conversion from MIDI to CV and even Roland SYNC for the 303, 606 etc.

Build your own synth.

Connect knobs, potentiometers and LEDs and add some programming skills and you are able to build your own soundmaking machine solely on Oplab. With MIDI in and out straight from the board. A development kit will be ready in the near future.


OP-1 no exception.

Oplab is the perfect companion to your OP-1. Just plug and play for instant MIDI IN, OUT and THRU.
And to please our precious OP-1 owners even more, there will be future OP OS updates that will unlock even more cool functions.

From MIDI to CV to USB. All scenarios covered.

Starting at $ 299.


  1. Two USB Host ports plus one USB device port.
  2. Two CV IN or any Analogue INPUT
  3. Two CV OUT or any Analogue OUTPUT
  4. MIDI IN
  6. Program selection switches
  • Board dimension: 92 x 92 mm
  • Ø 3mm corner holes.

Details may change without notice.


The case is made of soft silicone rubber. The de-bossed edge is for stitching the sensor to any soft base like a t-shirt or a... loaf?

Tap TS-2

Tap is piezo microphone based sensor. Perfect to trig any percussion type of motion or to build in your own designed drum pads.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
Thickness: 9 mm

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Flip TS-3

Flip is a accelerometer type of sensor that can measure spherical movement like shaking or flipping.
Under some circumstances also measures hitting or throwing.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
Thickness: 9 mm

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All sensors have a standard 3.5 mm connector for easy plug and play.


Poke TS-4

Poke is a pressure sensitive sensor. The harder you press the higher value.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
Thickness: 9 mm

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TS-1 Team Sneaker with rubber side pocket.

We teamed up with Spalwart Industries to create our own team sneaker with rubber side pocket for electronics. This is the original and only sneaker that was available behind the iron curtain. Still made in Slovakia. Same factory. Da.

TS-1 only $ 149.

Sensors to be purchased seperately.