2010 vol.2
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The OP-1 world is continuously evolving with new accessories and new OS updates adding more effects and functions for every release. And with OP-1‘s modular architecture all this new functionality comes without adding any complexity to the user interface or result in over clustered screens. Your OP-1 will always be the best and easiest to use portable wonder synthesizer. Visit this section frequently to keep your OP-1 up to date and in perfect shape.

This section contains:

Download the latest
OP OS here!




Mount the Crank accessory on OP-1‘s blue knob and press Shift + Rec. Your OP-1 is now in “Hand-crank-recording mode”. Use the crank to create some real vintage old skool recordings. It’s also possible to crank counter clockwise,

to record backwards. All in realtime. The Crank also let you use the Endless sequencer as a hand cranked music box! Just enter the notes and crank the crank! The crank LFO let you crank any parameters.

Package includes one crank
and 4 color knobs

$ 14

Brick Shaft


Brick Shaft is LEGO® compatible shafts that you put on any of the knobs. Now you may mount any lego part. Why not put on a big lego rubber wheel for that extra grip? Or build your own motor driven programmable LFO togehter with,

LEGO® MINDSTORMS? The Brick Shaft comes in four colors and let you experiment with any parameter. It support any idea you may have that involves LEGO® bricks.

Package includes four Brick Shafts in
OP-1 colors.

$ 14

OS Update 2

The all new OP OS Update 2 is here! Loaded with a lot of extra features that support the new accessories.


NITRO – The all new bandpass filter. Now you can insert this amazing filter in both the synthesizer part of the signal chain and in the master mixer.

Finger Sequencer – instant fun

Bender Use the bender LFO in combination with the Bender accessory and you may bend any of your OP-1’s parameters.

Crank Use the crank LFO in combination with the Crank accessory and you may crank any of your OP-1’s parameters. From filters to sequencers.

DBOX A completely new drum Synthesizer based on two multi-shaped oscillators, a filter and a source mixer. With double envelopes you have the choice to shape any percussion sound, from hi-hats to kicks and snares all the way to fat bass sounds.


The perfect compliment to the Drum Sampler, mix up you beats with unique Drum Box synthesized sounds. Create a full range of drum sounds from just eight parameters.
Abelton LIVE A completely new connectivity feature for Abeltone Live is added in this upgrade. It’s a two -way communication via USB that let’s you control almost anything in Live from your OP-1.


External controllers over MIDI. A perfect companion to our Oplab Musical Experimental Board. Parameters at the same time by using external controllers over MIDI.


How to update your OP-1

To update your OP-1 is not harder than to copy a file to an external USB disk. First download the new OS Update here. Then connect your OP-1 to your computer with the USB cable.

op1-os-update-com-bttnWhen connected PRESS and HOLD the COM key on your OP-1, while you turn the power ON. The boot menu will be displayed on the screen.

op1-os-update-in-bttnPRESS sound key 1 to select “Upload firmware”. Your OP-1 will show up as a disk icon on your desktop.

Drag the downloaded OS Update file and drop it on the OP-1 disk icon. Then EJECT the OP-1 disk by selecting eject disk on your computer.

Press COM key to start the installation process. The OS will be extracted and installed. After about two minutes, OP-1 will prompt you to restart. Unplug the USB cable and restart your OP-1. Your OP-1 is now ready, with a fresh, new OS installed. Previous files, sounds and tape recordings will be left as they were before you started the update process. But keeping back-ups is always a good way to protect your data.

New OP-1 User Manual

The new OP-1 manual is here withmore detailed descriptions and tips & tricks how to get the most out
of your OP-1. You may find some hidden features that you may have missed.
This manual also contains information about the OP-1 OS Update 2 and it’s added features.



Bender mounts on the orange knob and comes with a rubberband that is attached around the blue knob for elasticity. By selecting the Bender

LFO in the LFO browser you may bend any parameter you like. Everything from pitch to filter or syntesizer parameters.

Package includes one Orange Bender
and a rubberband.

$ 14

Demo Video

Check it out! In this video we go through all new accessories and show how to use them.
The video covers everything from the Crank to the new OP-1 soft bag. Click the video to play.